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Here are some nice and easy ways to deploy your Octopress blog.

GitHub Pages

Hosting your blog with GitHub's Pages service is free and allows custom domains. To deploy you simply push your repository to GitHub. This is a great way to host a personal blog, or even a multi-author blog, where contributions can be handled with pull requests and commit access.

Deploying to GitHub Pages »


Like GitHub Pages, Heroku is also free, allows custom domains, and uses a git based deployment workflow. Heroku is a bit simpler to use and your blog repository remains private.

Deploying to Heroku »


If you have web hosting service you can probably deploy with Rsync which is brilliantly fast, syncing new and changed files through SSH. If your host doesn't offer SSH access, and you're looking for one that does, check out DreamHost (I've been a happy customer since 2005).

Deploying with Rsync »