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Deploying to a Subdirectory

If you're deploying to a subdirectory on your site, or if you're using Github's project pages, make sure you set up your urls correctly in your configs. You can do this almost automatically:

rake set_root_dir[your/path]
# To go back to publishing to the document root
rake set_root_dir[/]

Then update your _config.yml and Rakefile as follows:

# _config.yml
url: http://yoursite.com/your/path
# Rakefile (if deploying with rsync)
document_root = "~/yoursite.com/your/path"

To manually configure deployment to a subdirectory, you'll change _config.yml, config.rb and Rakefile. Here's an example for deploying a site to the /awesome subdirectory:

# _config.yml
destination: public/awesome
url: http://example.com/awesome
subscribe_rss: /awesome/atom.xml
root: /awesome
# config.rb - for Compass & Sass
http_path = "/awesome"
http_images_path = "/awesome/images"
http_fonts_path = "/awesome/fonts"
css_dir = "public/awesome/stylesheets"
# Rakefile
public_dir = "public/awesome"
# If deploying with rsync, update your Rakefile path
document_root = "~/yoursite.com/awesome"