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Render Partial

Import files on your file system into any blog post or page. As a best practice, be sure these files are included in your site's repository.


{% render_partial path/to/file %}

The render_partial tag resolves paths to the source directory, so write your paths accordingly.

Example Usage 1

Perhaps you want to create a readme page for your blog. You have a file at source/readme/index.markdown and the README.markdown for your project is a sibling to your source directory. To import your project's readme into your readme page, you'd do this:

{% render_partial ../README.markdown %}

Example Usage 2

You may have two pages which need to share some of the same content. To prevent your partial from being rendered by Jekyll as a page, add an underscore to the beginning of the file name, or put it in a directory that begins with an underscore. For example, if you wanted multiple pages to share a table of contents, you might create source/documentation/_partials/TOC.markdown. Any post or page could import this file like this:

{% render_partial documentation/TOC.markdown %}

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