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Include Array Plugin

This plugin was created for Octopress by Jason Woodward to make it possible to manage order of the sidebar partials from the _config.yml. This is mostly useful for those working on an Octopress theme.

First, How Partials Work

Jekyll allows you to include partials from the /source/_includes directory as follows:

{% raw %}{% include partial.html %}{% endraw %}

This will embed the contents of /source/_includes/partial.html in place of the snippet above.

Now, How Include Array Works

First add an array pointing to a list of partials underneath /source/_includes

asides: [asides/about.html, asides/social.html]

Now from within a template you can render the partials from the yaml array like this.

{% raw %}{% include_array asides %}{% endraw %}

Octopress uses include_array to allow configuration of different sidebars for each layout.