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Puts - Log From Liquid to the Terminal

Puts is a Liquid block which outputs its contents to your terminal with Ruby's puts command. This really handy when you're working on a Liquid tag or a Jekyll plugin and you want to to be able to peek behind the curtain at what Liquid sees.


{% puts %}Optional Text: {{ some_liquid_variable }}{% endputs %}

This just outputs the contents of the block to the terminal. Note: Markdown, Textile and other converters run after liquid, so depending on where you use the block, you may see raw templating markup, not processed html.

Example 1

{% for post in site.posts %}
{% puts %}Title: {{ post.title }}{% endputs %}
{% endfor %}


{% puts %} Title: Hello World, I just switched to Octopress
{% puts %} Title: Zombie Ninjas Attack: A survivor's retrospective

Example 2 - Longer content

If a line of output is wider than 80 characters it gets output in a puts block for easier marking.

{% for post in site.posts %}
{% puts %}
Title: {{ post.title }}
Content: {{ post.content }}
{% endputs %}
{% endfor %}


{% puts %}
Title: Zombie Ninjas Attack: A survivor's retrospective
Content: Spoiler: You don't want to survive this. So there I was, standing in line
for a movie. I could hear hear some car alarms going off in the distance, but that
{% endputs %}

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