A blogging framework for hackers.

Octopress Plugins - Usage & Examples

Octopress ships with the following plugins. Many have been written specially for Octopress, but some have been selected from the Jekyll community with various changes and improvements.

  • HTML5 Video Tag - embeds mp4 encoded HTML5 videos
  • Backtick Code Block - for simple lightweight code sharing
  • Code Block - for sharing code with titles and links
  • Include Code - embed code from your filesystem with a download link
  • Gist Tag - automatically downloads and embeds Github gists
  • Image Tag - easily post images with class names and titles
  • Render Partial - insert any file into another post or page
  • Block Quote - generate beautiful, semantic block quotes
  • Pull Quote - generate CSS only pull quotes — no duplicate data, no javascript
  • Category Generator - generates archive pages for each blog category
  • Include Array - includes an array of partials specified in the _config.yml
  • Puts - Logs from Liquid to the terminal (for theme and plugin developers)

The following filters are used by Octopress, and are documented as necessary in their source.

  • Octopress filters - liquid filters built just for Octopress
  • Sitemap Generator - generates an SEO friendly sitemap.xml
  • Haml Converter - allows .haml pages to be processed by Jekyll
  • Pygments Code - converts code snippets to highlighted code and caches to speed up Jekyll processing
  • Titlecase - required by several plugins to automatically generate proper title captalization

Octopress plugins source