A blogging framework for hackers.

Octopress Help

Don't feel like reading the documentation? You've come to the right place! Actually no, please don't do that. If you have questions or problems I'm happy to help, but be sure you've read through some of these pages first.

  1. Getting Started - A Guide for installing Octopress and its dependencies.
  2. Configuring Octopress - This is important and easy. Be sure to give it a look.
  3. Blogging with Octopress - Learn how to create pages and posts.
  4. Deploying - A walkthrough for different deployment strategies.

Getting/Giving Help

If you have a question, or if you love helping others:

  1. Join the #Octopress IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.
  2. Search for an existing topic or start a new one describing your problem on Octopress's Google Group.
  3. Mention @Octopress on Twitter.


If you want to help out, fork Octopress on Github and send me a pull request. This site is also open-source and if you find errors you can post issues or send me a pull request to the master branch.

Please file all development issues on Octopress's main repository.